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Solutions that work

If you are a business owner, perhaps you've come across the scenareo where you feel like you've paid more for computer support services and yet were less than satisfied with the performance of the company. Maybe the person or company you hired couldn't understand the intracies of your company's daily workflow. Perhaps they were so busy elsewhere that your problems were not taken care of in a timely manner. Maybe they were quite difficult to contact in person. Chance may be that they didn't follow up, or constantly seemed rushed with you because they were too busy.

Maybe it was all of the above. With the proliferation of computer consultants available, and your demands specific and (usually) easily met, one would think that it would be easy to find someone who is honest, competent, and reliable. Unfortunately, the opposite is true and most business owners settle for mediocre computer consulting services.

This is where Data Jugglers Computing differs itself from the other companies. We work with your company as a virtual employee and make recomendations once a relationship has been established. Seemless workflow, integrational problem solving, upgrading and maintenence are all a part of our duties to you and your company.

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